Welcome to Friends of Maungawhau!

The Friends of Maungawhau is an incorporated society of citizens active in the conservation, protection and presentation of the international heritage  volcanic cones of Auckland, New Zealand.  We concentrate on Maungawhau, Mt Eden in Auckland.

The Friends of Maungawhau began as an adhoc group of people in about 1980 but have developed into a more formal hands on group of people who want to be active on the Mountain [Maunga], and to work towards its efficient management. 

The group is active in the following ways:

  • Working with representatives of the Auckland Council, the Albert-Eden Local Board to address current issues of management and to advise the  Council.
  • Supporting Ngati Whatua in their mana whenua status over the land as well as supporting the Treaty of Waitangi claim of co management with the "Tamaki Collective".
  • Advocating the implementation of the management plan and transparent contracts in the care of the Maunga.
  • Supporting individual volunteers who have made a difference in the ecological succession of native vegetation on the Mountain and promoting volunteer action to care for the commons or park land.
  • Maintaining the success in submissions to review legislation so that natural and cultural heritage sites like Maungawhau are better cared for.
  • Holding successful "Love Your Mountain" days with the support of Government House and Eden Gardens.

The group welcomes support from people who can help with advocacy, ecological restoration, volunteer support and advice or financial support. Please go to this page to contact us.

Love Your Mountain Day Hotline:
(021) 035 4431 / (09) 368 1516

FoM Support

We are grateful for ongoing support from the Albert-Eden Local Board, which funded the purchase of gardening gloves, plant labels, saws and other tools in 2012.

Latest News:

13.10.14 15:37

Ecological Report

Ecological Restoration/Rehabilitation Framework for Batger Quarry

23.07.14 17:30

FoM Submission

Submission on the Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Makaurau Collective Redress Bill

23.07.14 17:27

Photos of Guided Walks & Volunteering

Photos of Friends activities on the Maunga